Our appointments late show, cancellation, and  rescheduling policy

Hey boos,

We know that shit happens. So we make it easy for you to reschedule or cancel your Lacquerbar appointments with the click of a link in the appointment confirmation emails and text messages we send you. We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment, as well as show up to your scheduled appointment within the 10-minute grace period, or you'll be charged the full amount of the services you booked.

We know, our cancellation and over 10-minute late policy is SUPER annoying – we don't like it either! So then why does our cancellation policy require 24 hours of notice or you'll be charged for the full appointment? Or if you're more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and you'll still be charged for the services you missed?  Because it's ensuring your #girlboss nail techs earn their rightful living wage! 

When appointments get cancelled so last minute, it hurts our nail techs expected income for that day. If they're lucky, someone will walk in and fill that space immediately, but that doesn't always happen. The majority of our customers book appointments online and plan ahead of time. And if you're more than 10 minutes late to your appointment on a day that a nail tech is booked out, their next appointment won't start on time causing issues the rest of the day. When they can't complete your appointment, that is also a hit on your nail tech's expected revenue for the day.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you so much for your commitment to support Lacquerbar's incredible nail techs!