Shattered Glass Nail Art Sheets

Shattered Glass Nail Art Sheets


Rock the shattered glass nails look as a subtle reminder that you are breaking glass ceilings all day everyday! #GIRLBOSS #LEANIN


  1. Cut your iridescent holographic nail art sheet into small pieces.
  2. Prep your nail with a base coat & apply any polish color on top.
  3. Apply a top coat.
  4. While the top coat is still wet, apply the small cut pieces of holographic nail papers to your nail.
  5. Use a tooth pick or an orange stick to more easily pick up the little pieces of holo nail papers. Dabbing the tip of the stick on your tongue makes the little shards of fake glass stick to your toothpick/orange stick.

PRO TIP! When cutting the paper into small pieces to put on your nails, be careful not to crinkle or cease the paper – this will cause the paper to lift or peel away from your nails!


  • Set of 10 individual holographic iridescent sheets
  • Individual sheet size: 2" width x 2" length
  • One individual sheet = Enough material for 20 nails!
  • Reflects holographic pink & lime opal colors 
  • Cruelty-free  /  No puppies harmed
  • Helps break glass ceilings
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